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  1. A New Brunswick university professor is facing complaints after calling Vancouver’s plan to root out racist policies from its past an exercise in manipulating “white guilt.” In a series of blog posts, Ricardo Duchesne of the University of New Brunswick also accused Vancouver Coun. Kerry Jang of scheming to fleece white Vancouverites on behalf of ethnic Chinese. “Clearly he is exploiting White ideas to advance the ethnic interests of the Chinese, utilizing the same white guilt our educational institutions inflict on White children,” Duchesne wrote. PHOTOS   Ricardo Duchesne of the University of New Brunswick defends his stance in an interview with CTV News. June 6, 2014. “What he calls ‘pride’ is nothing but the relentless demands by Asians to extract ever more resources from Whites. It is time Whites show respect for themselves and stop kowtowing to the Chinese.” Vancouver council voted unanimously last month to study its records to determine if there were any racist laws or regulations that would have hurt ethnic groups. The move was approved weeks after the province of British Columbia apologized for its role in creating discriminatory policies, and several years after the 2006 apology by the federal government for the $500 Chinese Head Tax, which was Canadian law until 1923. Jang, who has complained to Duchesne’s university, said he is third-generation Canadian and shocked city council’s move would be taken this way. “When the professor starts talking about how I should be worrying about what they’re doing in China, I think: I’m Canadian. I’m expected to be treated like anyone else,” Jang said. Vancouver has already found some racist property covenants that deny ownership to “Asiatic, negro or Indian” people, according to historian Jean Barman. “There were covenants on houses. They couldn’t be sold to ‘Asiatics’ as it was termed at the time,” she said. There’s no talk of compensation from the city at this point, but any compensation would likely come from city tax funds, which are taken from a diverse city population – about 50 per cent white, 30 per cent Asian, and 10 per cent South Asian, according to the 2006 census. In his blogs, Duchesne also claims that ethnic Chinese “altered a formerly elegant, serene, community-oriented British city of Vancouver, turning it into a loud, congested Asian city (still attractive only because of the architectural and institutional legacy of past White generations.)” He claimed that in Richmond, “mainland Chinese migration has already helped create the first majority-Chinese city outside Asia, with White citizens cornered into small enclaves and many being forced to sell their homes and move out as ‘millionaire migrants’ take over.” Barman said she’s unaware of anyone, white or otherwise, being forced to sell their homes. She said ethnic Chinese have been a big part of Vancouver since its inception, and that Chinese labour was instrumental in building the Canadian Pacific Railway. Jang said the University of New Brunswick should reconsider whether it wants to have Duchesne on campus. “I would not feel safe [attending there] knowing that someone like that was on faculty,” he said. Reached by Skype at his home, Duchesne said he was born in Puerto Rico and arrived in Montreal when he was 15. Other comments he has made have also been controversial, but he denied that he is racist. “The whites who created this country are supposed to be bending over backwards in a state of shame for having built the best country in the world,” he told CTV News. Read more: http://bc.ctvnews.ca/white-guilt-reason-for-vancouver-apology-plan-professor-1.1857630#ixzz34568jcK7     温哥华有意就过去歧视华人法规向华裔社区道歉。但加东一位大学教授抨击这个做法是操弄「白人罪恶感」(white guilt),并指控市议员郑文宇代表华人敲白人的竹槓(fleece),意图夺取白人资源。他说华人已占领温市,将其变为吵杂、拥挤的亚洲城市,呼吁白人要有自尊,停止向华人「磕头」。     继联邦、省府及新西敏市府之后,温哥华市府也有意就过去歧视华人的历史向华裔社区道歉。但加东新布朗士维克大学(University of New Brunswick UNB)的社科系教授杜切斯尼(Ricardo Duchesne)却在自己的部落格(Blog)连续发表多篇文章,指温哥华市府的做法是在操弄「白人罪恶感」。     他同时指控温市华裔市议员郑文宇有计画代表华人敲白人的竹槓,意图利用教育体系灌输给白人小孩的「白人罪恶感」,来争取华人利益。而所谓「自豪」(pride)只不过是亚裔想不断从白人手中夺取更多资源的藉口。     他说现在是白人展现自尊,停止向华人「磕头」的时候了。     杜切斯尼在文章中指出,华人已将温哥华这个过去典雅、宁静,以社区为导向的英伦城市,转变为吵杂、拥挤的亚洲城市。之所以现在还有吸引力,完全归功于白人世代传承的建筑与典章制度。     他更指列治文已被中国大陆移民占据,成为亚洲之外唯一华人占多数的城市,白人被赶到一个个小型的「城中城」(enclaves),有些甚至被迫搬家,将房子卖给那些占领当地的移民富豪。     另方面,对于杜切斯尼的说法,郑文宇表示震惊,已向杜切斯尼任教的UNB大学表达不满。他说自己是第三代加拿大人,并对市议会的决议遭到如此的抨击感到震惊。他认为自己是加拿大人,理应获得与其他人相同的对待。     杜郑文宇认为新布朗士维克大学应认真考虑是否继续聘用杜切斯尼担任教职,他认为有这种教授,可能会让学生觉得不安全。     杜切斯尼向加拿大电视公司(CTV)表示,自己生于波多黎各(Puerto Rico),15岁搬到满地可,他否认自己是种族主义者,强调创造这个全世界最好国家的白人应从羞耻感中翻转过来。  
  2. 先确认一下孩子是谁的吧。毕竟你不在国内,不要帮倒忙了?来这里自费生育的话,2万多加币吧。住医院院一天3000刀。而且签证很难获批
  3. [quote name='zw840121']有没有朋友知道改简历的网站或者实体公司?听说找工作简历挺重要的,想花钱让他们给改改!谢谢!![/quote] Careerbuilder 上有,大约300刀给你改一次。 不想花钱的话我可以帮你看看。
  4. 无证捕鱼小心被抓起来。
  5. 药店有卖补品,比如shoppers Walmart 对大脑好就买fish oil, 防衰老买grape seeds 降压药是处方药,自己买不到,必须先见医生批条子 奶粉superstore 有,但没见过婴儿的
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