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  1. 能不能把每个菜的价位贴1下? xx
  2. [STRIKE]Hi, I have a Best Western Travel Card with a $50 USD credit on it. However, it will be expiring on Nov 1, 2010. The card can be used at any Best Western Outlets worldwide. Since I don't have any travel arrangements coming up before its expiration, I'd like to share it with anyone for $40 CAD. If interested, please reply. PS. hand delivery is an option within the Saint John area. Thanks:cocktail:[/STRIKE] Gone!
  3. HI 给你发到悄悄话了哈!
  4. 单人床, 质量很好--包括床架, 床头, 床盒及床垫 一套$65 有意请留言 THX
  5. 我正在学萨克斯哈 等有机会大家都1起玩下哈
  6. 哇塞!! 你还不要说。。。穿白衣服的那几个翻的还真的可以看哈 不错哈!!!
  7. 我还没来得急打 妈妈就给我打过来了 全家人都跑到川大姥姥家外避起来了哈 吓“四”背“时”哈 不过我还是相信政府会很快做好灾后事情 STAY POSITIVE
  8. [url]http://www.dashi.com/dv/92/92306.htm[/url] ENJOY... :smile:
  9. 非常有气概!! 想想看 要是全中国所有的TAXI都加上它....我* 弄翻他French as*holes :cocktail:
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