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  1. 你如果今天要,只要不远,我给你免费送
  2. 联系电话 6391859 sears买的queen size 床,很新,原价1199,卖$200 之前以为卖掉的床,现在还有
  3. [quote name='en']车保养得和新的一样,只是楼主要价偏低,市场价应该在$19,000左右,个人意见仅供参考。[/quote] 他不是托,他是寂寞
  4. [quote name='逗逗草'][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]你看我行吗?美女姐姐[/COLOR][/quote] 你回来吗?回来就行?
  5. 公司已经开始安排面试。请感兴趣的同学们尽快将简历发email或送到以上地址,不要错过好机会。工作很不错,可以移民。
  6. Job Title: Legal Assistant/Marketing and Liaison Officer Job Desctription: [LIST] [*]As a legal assistant, you will be responsible for typing up, editing and preparing various legal documents, correspondence, memorandum, etc. [*]As a marketing and liaison officer, you will be responsible for the initial meetings with Chinese clients on various legal matters, drafting memorandum following the meetings. On the marketing side, you may present marketing plans on advertising to the Chinese community, as well as attending various marketing/social events. [*]You have to be able to interpret with English and Chinese at legal consultation and business meeting and translate documents. [*]You will be responsible to setup the video conference equipment and assist to conduct video conference calls. [*]This job is permanent in nature, with an initial probation period. [/LIST] Requirements: [LIST] [*]Good working knowledge of English, both oral and written. [*]Excellent Chinese language skills, oral and written. [*]Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications. [*]Familiarity with internet research. [/LIST] Please send cover letter and resume (in English) to: Helene Olsen Gilbert McGloan Gillis 22 King Street Saint John, NB E2L 1G3 or email [email]mholsen@gmglaw.com[/email] If you also have a cover letter in Chinese, feel free to attach it with your application. This position will remain open until it is filled by the right candidate.
  7. [quote name='wishing']有没有人知道SJ有哪些LAW FIRM可以提供商业合约、用工合同方面的咨询和帮助的?收费是怎样的? 如果有知道的能不能提供一下联系方式,谢谢啦~~:biggrin:[/quote] GMG 律师事务所,一般来说第一次的咨询是免费的,直到需要给你做文件的时候才会收费。收费可以是按照小时,也可以按照你需要合约文件来收费,主要是要看你具体需要什么。 如果你对于英文服务ok, 电话:634-3600 传真:634-3612 地址:22 King Street, Saint John, NB E2L 1G3 如果你需要中文服务,可以发email: [email]xsmu@gmglaw.com[/email] 说明一下你需要的是什么文件,也可以安排面谈。
  8. 另外一套是硬牛皮的,带一个大理石面的茶几。 包括一个单人沙发,和一个双人沙发。
  9. 卖两套沙发 第一套是乳白色绒面沙发,坐垫和靠背是绒面的,沙发背和扶手是深咖啡色皮质的。 坐垫和靠背可以拆下来洗, 很方便也很干净。 买了两年,基本上很少坐。没有任何划伤和破损,也非常干净,和新的差不多。
  10. 床的照片 [COLOR="Red"][B]SOLD[/B][/COLOR]
  11. [SIZE="4"][FONT="黑体"]餐桌,很新,买了不到两年。餐桌是长方形的,带一张长方形板凳, 椅子整个一体的的那种,掀开还可以储存东西。一套很实用也很美观。[/FONT][/SIZE] [FONT="黑体"][SIZE="4"]Queen size 床,9成新,Zellers买的,原价1300多,床垫非常舒服,带床盒。 有意者,请打电话, 639-1859[/SIZE][/FONT] [COLOR="Red"][B]SOLD[/B][/COLOR]
  12. 麻烦问一下,你们星期五也就是新年开不开门
  13. 谁有台式机电脑要卖,打电话给我 639-5388。谢了
  14. [quote name='oops']哈哈,是啊,我一直也没注意,不过过两天要搬家了,看到了,所以上来问问。[/QUOTE] 你要办哪里去啊?
  15. 劝楼主别气了,你这还只是听说呢,如果你亲自来看看,估计能被一些事情气死。嗬嗬,想开点,也许人家在网上捐了呢
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