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  1. Thanks for your prompt reply, i would like to come see it now but i am a bit far from at the moment. I am a business man who buy cars here in canada and sell them oversea's, unfortunately one of my client oversea's needs the vehicle urgently and i have referred him to look at it himself on the internet which he does and he said he likes it, so that's why i am going for it. But the only problem i am having now is the time to come to where you lives as i am very busy at the moment. But i can send you my business cheque by UPS or FEDEX for the payment, which will be deliver to you the next day. Upon recieving the payment cheque, you go get it cashed in your bank. After cashing it, i will come get the vehicle when i am less busy, which will not be too long. Please advice me if you are fine with this method of payment and if YES, then please provide me with the following details to enable me issue out the cheque: (1) WHAT NAME DO I MAKE THE CHEQUE PAYABLE TO? (2) WHAT ADDRESS DO I SEND IT TO? The payment will be made immediately i recieve these details from you. I await to hear from you shortly, have a nice day and remain bless. Don Simon.
  2. 谢谢 各位的分享 我写个plan看怎么跟她搞
  3. 请问我在买车时候有几个老外要从外地汇支票 没遇到过这种情况 哪位有经验的 给点帮助呗 原文Thanks for your swift response to my inqiry.am very happy the ads is still up for sale and am very interested in buying it.the price of the item and its prenet condition all sounds good to me.i live in guelph,ontario in canada but presently in seattle washington on a company transfer.i will like to inform you that payment will be made inform of a certified canadian check or a money order.i will be arranging the pick up of the item because i will be getting hold of a mini shipping agent who will bring down the item to my current residence.i will be more than happy if you can email me your full payment details below and keep an eye watch for payment soonest; YOUR FULL NAME YOUR FULL CONTACT ADDRESS YOUR CITY YOUR POSTALCODE YOUR STATE YOUR CELL NUMBER YOUR ASKING PRICE As soon as i read from you with these requested information,payment will be made out immediately without any further delay and will arrive at your door step soonest. BEST REGARDS.
  4. [quote name='gougou111']好车啊~~~最晚什么卖啊~~~我七八月要买一辆车~~~到时候来看看行不?[/quote] 最晚7月底 欢迎啊
  5. 统计计算器 ($25),financial 计算器 ($35)n个 电话 7218260 or [email]daiyi1014@hotmail.com[/email]
  6. ba书 中级会计1,审计,IFrs,会计理论,和其他 价钱和理就卖 7218269,daiyi1014@hotmail.com
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