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  1. 圣约翰尼桑车行(Saint John Nissan)正在进行在校学生和近期毕业生(毕业4年以内)的优惠活动。 详情请垂询506-633-1515 (for Aaron)。车行地址在633 Rothesay Ave, 欢迎光临试车。
  2. I think your Chinese Drivers Lic is good for 3 months. As long as you hold a 7-1 Learner's Lic, you can get a car insured. It is not that expensive, and you can always get it down whenever you pass the road test. I have a lot of new cars and used cars at the dealer. Drop by and I can work with you on that. No Chinese input at work, sorry~~
  3. I don't think so. It only records your own travel. You can double check with Aeroplane or Air Canada. No Chinese input at work, sorry~~
  4. 是的,至少每年要使用一次。有些ESSO加油也是可以积分的。 另外,在购买机票的时候,换了登机牌,在上面会有带星号的标记表明已经积分划入了。如果不放心,CHECK IN的时候再和工作人员核实一下。只有购买本人机票的时候才可以用。也就是说卡上的名字必须和机票上的名字相同才行。
  5. 请问打印机是什么型号?
  6. [quote name='sunshine77']确实搬家了,我已经去了,价格貌似确实比future shop还有staples要便宜很多,但是我的激光打印机的型号的硒鼓貌似还是在 [url]http://123inkcartridges.ca/[/url] 上买比较便宜,呵呵(先声明我可不是在打广告,只是实话实说)。不过不喜欢在网上买东西或者不喜欢等的人还是可以去他家买的,老板人很nice,呵呵。 :yxh23:[/quote] Good tips.
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