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  1. This is an English training program affiliated with a private high school in Beijing. Our program is for middle and senior high school students, with opportunities for expansion and growth both personally and professionally. We are looking for full-time Chinese-English instructors. [B]Specifications: [/B] - Full course academic teaching with some extra curricular activities. - Weekly meetings, lesson planning, homework assignments and grading, along with student assessments will be required of the instructors. - A wide range of class subjects, including comprehensive English, listening, speaking, writing, and grammar will be given depending on the ability and strengths of the students. However the majority of focus will be on improving the students’ English ability in all aspects. - Supporting English teacher during in class, and response for smooth communication between Chinese students and English instructors [B]Qualifications: [/B] - Bachelors degree or above preferred, - Teaching experience preferred, but not required. - An outgoing personality, a love of teaching, and an ability to adapt and learn in new environments and situations Meals are provided at the school’s cafeteria daily. Competitive salary, based on experience, and the hours. Please send your CV with photo and a short self-introduction to us by email [email]allan.ranan@hotmail.com[/email]
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