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  1. If the west to east oil pipeline project get started, then Saint John housing market will boom boom up and up! :)
  2. I don't blame saint john. lol
  3. 在圣约翰东边,很好的安静的居住区。 四年半新,宽敞,明亮的上下两层的独立房子出售。 房子靠近学校NBCC 社区学院, 高中Simonds High School和靠近圣约翰最大的购物场McAllister shopping  mall。 房子上层有2个大卧室(都带挂衣橱),1个全卫生/洗浴间,宽敞明亮开放式的客厅,厨房,和餐厅。餐厅有门通向后院的私人甲板阳台。上层全都是实木地板,除了卫生间是瓷砖。 房子下层已经隔离好了,有一个大的装修好的卫生间和洗衣间,有一个未完成装修的卧室,和 一个很大的未完成装修的客厅,一个储物间。 价格 asking for $193,500 面谈。如果有兴趣的,请电话 5066390948可以留言,或QQ 56212236,或发邮件给 shelleywu2008@hotmail.com 要图片.
  4. Excellent quality, ALTEC LANSING 1 box + 2 speakers. $25. call 6390948
  5. don't even bother click that link which just a waste of time for Chinese students to apply. you know why. hahaha
  6. hey, if u don't mind, what kind of job do u do?
  7. Ping pong table or table tennis table wanted. regular size for adults players. Send me pictures and price please.
  8. could you post some pics? Homeowner lives in the same building and how many roomates?
  9. 有没有人11月20号从Saint john 去弗莱的. 本人没有车,想搭个车。愿付一定的费用。有的话请留言或悄悄话。
  10. Hi, does anyone has a "short handle", good quality Ping Pong paddle for sale? please contact me here.
  11. hi, does anyone know if there is a Chinese barber who can do hair cut for Chinese in SJ? local barber shop sucks!
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