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jeune magique et intellig

老鹰喙被刺穿 所幸被小孩子及时发现 幸存下来

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Florida kids help rescue bald eagle found with fishing hook piercing its beak

在美国佛罗里达州有几个小孩在户外发现一只白头鹰被钓鱼线缠绕住,进而发现它的喙被钓鱼钩刺穿了。于是孩子们将受伤的白头鹰送到帕斯科县(Pasco County)消防局需求帮助。帕斯科县消防局后来在脸书(on Thursday)中介绍,经过他们仔细检查,发现鹰的喙上有一个钓鱼钩,而钓鱼线缠绕住它的翅膀。这意味着这只动物在这种情况下根本无法飞行和进食,因为联系了猫头鹰巢穴保护区(Owl's Nest Sanctuary) — 野生动物营救和康复组织,以寻求帮助。

Driver Engineer Jerry Brown of Pasco County Fire Rescue assisted the two children who found the injured bald eagle.  The director of the Owl’s Nest Sanctuary in Odessa was able to remove the hook piercing the eagle's beak.

志愿者确定老鹰因为被钓鱼线缠绕,已经严重脱水多日,于是把老鹰带回庇护所,在那里取下钓鱼钩。老鹰在状态稳定下来后,将转移到坦帕湾布什花园(Busch Gardens Tampa Bay)的动物护理中心进行进一步治疗,然后再放回野外。




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