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抗议·牛肉价格过低 爱尔兰农民走上首都街头抗议

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一群抗议牛肉价格低廉的农民解除了对都柏林市中心的封锁。封锁从昨天开始,位于都柏林市中心的Kevin Street,,Cuffe Street,Kildare Street,Merrion Square South,Dawson Street 和Merrion Row都被关闭,造成了大面积的交通中断(widespread traffic disruption )。

这次行动导致圣史蒂芬格林(St Stephen's Green)周围的几条街道被关闭,但是随着拖拉机车队离开城市,受影响的道路现已重新开放。

Jake Roche et al. walking down a street next to a sign

The group of farmers met Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed earlier to discuss their concerns


农民团体早些时候会见了农业部长迈克尔·克里德(Michael Creed),讨论了他们的担忧。



See the source image



a person driving a bus on a city street: A group of farmers staging a protest in Dublin city centre which has blockaed streets have began to leave. Pic: Sam Boal/Rollingnews.ie


a man holding a sign: They also asserted that if there was no progress made by December 15, the farmers (and tractors) will be back in Dublin’s city centre. Pic: REUTERS/Lorraine O’Sullivan


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