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jeune magique et intellig

在Instagram见面后 英国歌手Olly Murs爱上健美运动员

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POP明星奥利·莫尔斯正在与一名纽约市的高管约会,后者是被成为Tank the Bank的女性健美运动员

35岁The Voice coach在Instagram上看到她的照片后,给27岁的比基尼冠军阿米莉亚·谭克(Amelia Tank)发了短信。

Olly Murs has fallen for a City girl and female bodybuilder


Murs and Amelia Tank met after he spotted her photos on Instagram and sent her a message




“两人在7月份在埃塞克斯体育馆碰面(They met up at an Essex gym),化学反应很快。”


Amelia is dubbed Tank the Bank as she combines her bodybuilding with a career in finance

阿米莉亚被誉为Tank the Bank,因为她将健美运动与金融职业相结合。




The banking beauty trains twice a day, three times a week and lifts weights every morning


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