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To raise the stakes 提高赌注,增加风险

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To raise the stakes 这个表达最初来自博彩但现在被用于很多语境中。Stake 的意思是 “赌注、风险”。Raising the stakes 的意思是 “提高赌注,增加风险” 为了最终得到更高的回报和成功。
John has really raised the stakes in his argument with his neighbour. He's installed security cameras that look over his garden.
Top-ranking retailer Tesco has raised the stakes in the price war among UK supermarkets by cutting the price of 700 products.
单词 stake 也可以指 “股份” 或某人在一个项目、公司中的重大利益。
The government is planning to sell its 49% stake in the rail network.
His company owns a 12% stake in a new internet start-up company.
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