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[卖书]出售pre-MBA module 2全套书以及部分pre-MBA module 1的书

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Pre-MBA module 2全套书:


会计:Financial Accounting (A user perspective, Sixth Canadian Edition)   $55 (已售)

OB (Organizational Behaviour):Fundamentals of Organizational Behaviour (Fifth Canadian Edition)    $25

IB(Introduction to Business):Business in Action (Second Canadian Edition)   $25

BEC:Business Communication Now (Second Canadian Edition) $40

          Business Vocabulary in Practice (3rd Edition, Collins) $15

微观经济学:Ragan Microeconomics (Fourteenth Canadian Edition) $60(已售)



Pre-MBA module 1:


Intensive English: LEAP (Learning English for Academic Purposes, Second Edition, reading and writing) $25

Reading & Writing: Writing Clearly (Third Edition)   $40

Business Communication Now (Second Canadian Edition) $40 (Module 1+2 都要用)



联系方式:506-609-4442 (限短信,谢谢配合)

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