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need some new in life


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reading boring books, listening to stupid lectures, writing fucking long reports, doing freaking hard assignments,
sleeping in a sofa bed.............alone

i expect changes, but im afraid of them at the same time...

i appraciate what i have right now, but just cant stop wonder if i deserve a little more...

i dont hate my life, just need a little some thing.....new.........not out of curiosity, but of survival!
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[quote name='reactor']boring是吧? 暑假去华人农场打个黑工试试.不交税的那种.[/QUOTE]

i have worked in states twice already, in a restaurant, but im still bored, haha

never been to a farm owned by chinese, what it is like?

oh, by the way, im not really bored, that's not the point, im tired of the routine
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[quote name='nolimited']Or Play your CPU,
Overclock your guitar?
lol...... may be....for someone.....
writing poetry could be fun......
cooking some 东北料理。。。
actually, Conghua got the point, hahahahahahah.[/QUOTE]


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