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哈利法克斯男童居然当街被枪杀 整个社区震惊

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周二下午4点,警方接报说在达特茅斯Windmill Road发生枪击案。当他们赶到现场后发现一名被子弹击中,生命垂危的男孩。虽然男孩被紧急送医,但不幸由于伤势严重,男子在医院抢救无效死亡。另外曾抢救男孩的IWK健康中心(IWK Health Centre)儿科医院按照相关规定被短暂封锁。

At 4:07 p.m., Halifax Regional Police responded to a call related to a shooting on Windmill Road. Police say a young boy was transported to hospital, where he has died from his injuries.

发生枪击案的地点位于Windmill Road。

案件发生之后,大批警察赶到Windmill Road现场。该路段主要是商业和工业区。哈利法克斯警方表示,谋杀案调查尚处于早期阶段,希望任何知情人与警方联系(902) 490-5020 或联系灭罪热线。

Halifax Regional Police were on the scene of a homicide on Windmill Road in Dartmouth on Dec. 21, 2021. Police said a young boy was shot and later died.

悲剧发生之后,哈利法克斯市长迈克·萨维奇(Mike Savage)称这起凶杀案“毫无意义且令人心碎”。



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