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小心鲸鱼冲击 美国一渔船居然被鲸鱼撞出一个大洞

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一艘渔船在美国东海岸海岸罗德岛州遇到鲸鱼后不得不寻求帮助。 据目击者称,这只较大的动物在撞上船时正在参与一场疯狂的喂食。碰撞使船的侧面有一个洞,导致海水涌入船内。

Dale Denelle, a photographer and fisherman, spoke with Fox News about how he was out on a trip near Block Island in Rhode Island when he received a call from a nearby boat that was in trouble.

渔民戴尔·德内尔(Dale Denelle)说他在罗德岛布洛克岛附近旅行时,接到附近一艘遇到麻烦的船只的电话。于是他决定前往出事水域看看是否可以提供帮忙。他在现场发现一艘渔船被侧面被撞出一个洞,而当时该水域有40-50艘渔船捕捞金枪鱼,而显然水中爆发了一场进食狂潮。鲸鱼确实用力撞击了小船,足以损坏它,但德内尔并不认为这只动物是故意这样做的。无论如何,这次冲击将船上的一名乘客甩入海中。


Fortunately, nobody was hurt and the passenger was safely recovered.

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