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    [COLOR="Magenta"]大小姐点名,我半夜都要爬上来up的.... 当初读你刚到弗莱那帖,我当文艺作品看--以为是源于生活,描绘的高于生活. 认识以后才知道这是未处理的原始数据. 哈哈哈.... 我也谢谢你,让我如此快乐! 情意够长, 缘就不短! 加油加油!![/COLOR]
  2. 生活就像一张茶几, 总是要放杯具的. 活着的时候开心点, 因为死会死很久.
  3. [COLOR="Magenta"]Oliver Moore Globe and Mail Update Published Thursday, Nov. 04, 2010 11:38AM EDT Last updated Thursday, Nov. 04, 2010 11:44AM EDT[/COLOR] [COLOR="Green"]Nova Scotia couple give away $11-million lottery windfall Four months after cashing in an $11-million lottery ticket, Allen and Violet Large have nothing to show for their winnings. Nothing material, that is. A long list of local charities are reaping the benefits of their decision to give away the money – and media from around the world are picking up on their story. But the humble couple who retired to rural Nova Scotia didn’t set out to make headlines. “We didn’t do it to get recognized,” Ms. Large said in an interview Thursday morning. “Why spend money when you already have everything you need?” It made no difference that the winnings made it possible to buy things never feasible on working-class salaries. They drive a five-year-old truck and a 13-year-old car, have no microwave or voicemail and live in a 19th-century home that is paid off. The Larges are content with what they have. So when they looked for a way to use their money, it didn’t occur to them to splurge on personal treats. “We haven’t spent even one penny on ourself,” Ms. Large said. “We’re not travellers and we’re not high-class people. We live in an old house, but we’re comfortable.” Instead they doled out some of the money to immediate family and then drew up a list of worthwhile charities. The list quickly stretched to several pages – ranging from animal protection to churches to health care. Ms. Large is recovering from cancer and the hospitals that treated her got an extra chunk, her husband said. “We wanted to look after our community and make sure they all had some,” Mr. Large explained. “We have a little bit left, not that much. But we had sufficient before. We worked for 30 years and put some away each year.”[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"][B]It's amazing that this couple gave all to charity! They are rich beyond the imagination of mere mortals God bless them. [/B][/COLOR]
  4. 楼主查一下sj有没有MoneyGram吧 据说手续费比西联低
  5. [quote name='byronsun']哇塞!翻墙来到~[/quote] 明年以后我要再来 也要翻墙了 哈哈...
  6. 楼主写的不错 哈哈哈 只是我顶王菲
  7. 想想张导本人的八卦情史,他八成觉得假如没人半路死掉两人也难恩爱到老。干脆,学韩剧,可以结婚的时候直接让主角得绝症/车祸死掉(一定是白血病被车撞死)。还不甘心,再彻底点,让男主死得更早点。爱情燃烧一下很容易,延绵一辈子才需要力量和灵魂。
  8. 我30级时,他进了我的会,“新手小德一只,请多关照。”我欣然一笑,塞给他几个小包。    我37级时,他在西部荒野,“老大,这个天赋怎么加呀?”我微微一笑,让他点了野性战斗。 我47级时,他在死亡矿井,“老大,法师抢我法杖,哭。”我哈哈一笑,带他刷了一把火石。    我61级时,他在诺莫瑞根,“老大,这个战士不如你啊。”我自豪一笑,扫荡了诺莫瑞根。    我英雄本混牌时,他在加基森,“老大,老虎骑宠在哪买啊?我想骑。”我潇洒一笑,告知他后邮寄了100金币。    我开荒卡拉赞时,他在冬泉谷,“老大,这是我做的熊肉串,多吃点。”我高兴一笑,每逢开怪前都会吃上一串。    我开荒格鲁尔时,他在刀峰山,在我面前跳来跳去,“老大,带我一起玩吧。”我无奈一笑,说等你70级一定带你。    我有急事AFK了一星期时,他在奥特兰克山谷,“老大,你看,我现在有一件紫装!”我苦涩一笑,主力已经差不多退完了。    我组不起卡拉赞时,他在我团里,“老大,咱们去哪玩?”我无言一笑,解散了公会。    我休息了一个月,等一切都稳定下来后,又重新回到了魔兽世界,加入了我朋友的会,开始了每天7点半活动,12点解散的日子。    我装备提升的很快,但心中却无比空虚。以前的那个休闲小会的影子总是出现在我心里,向往? 怀念? 我不知道。    路是我自己选的,不管对错,走下去吧。    又一天活动结束了,疲惫的我回到铁炉,收几个邮件准备下线,突然有人组了我。    “老大,是我!”  “你好吗?”    “怎么不说话呢?”    “老大,以前没机会给你加血,现在让我加一加吧。”    那一刻,我知道了什么叫作泪如雨下……
  9. 昨天才看的《看你妹之网瘾战争》 感人ing 帮顶!
  10. [quote name='yh1219']这个顶是果断必须有的[/quote] 给CSSA新团队鼓掌,撒花,口哨~~~~~~
  11. [quote name='*绝世名伶*']写得太好了,看得我激动万分,眼泪哗哗滴~~~[/quote]
  12. 照片相当清晰 呵呵 好热闹!
  13. [quote name='conghua']大家都吃得很爽嘛~~[/quote] 鼓掌...请问主席有图的咩? 咱没机会去的也想过眼瘾.
  14. 童鞋们今天BBQ怎么样咯? 有图上分咩? 分享下啦~~
  15. 支持一下 加油加油
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