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Life-like reconstruction of Adalatherium hui from the LateCretaceous of Madagascar. Credit: Denver Museum of Nature & Science/Andrey Atuchin.

据美国石溪大学(Stony Brook University)的研究人员称,它的大小大约相当于一只现代猫或负鼠。


它的正式名称为Adalatherium hui - 来自马达加斯加语,希腊语为“疯狂的野兽”。

Skeleton of Adalatherium hui, a new gondwanatherian mammal from the Late Cretaceous of Madagascar, in sandstone matrix. Photographer – Marylou Stewart (deceased and therefore no e-mail address). Credit: Nature Research.


大卫·克劳斯(David Krause)教授说道:“我们对所有活着的和灭绝的哺乳动物的骨骼解剖学,很难想象像Adalatherium这样的哺乳动物可能已经进化了;它弯曲甚至打破了许多规则。”


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