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在民兵冲进大院(militiamen stormed into the compound ),并砸碎了窗户后一天,抗议者在示威区屋顶上点燃大火。


U.S. troops fired tear gas on Wednesday to disperse pro-Iran protesters who were gathered outside the U.S. Embassy compound in Baghdad for a second day as dozens of pro-Iranian militiamen and their supporters had camped out at the gates of the embassy in Baghdad, where they stayed the night. (AP Photo/Khalid Mohammed)


示威者抗议美国致命的空袭。该空袭在周末打击伊朗支持的民兵,杀死25名战士(deadly U.S. airstrikes that targeted an Iran-backed militia )。 这些空袭是对伊拉克军队基地遭到火箭弹袭击的报复。该袭击导致一名美国承包商丧生,数名美军受伤(killed a U.S. contractor and injured several American troops)。


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