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jeune magique et intellig

被认为与洗钱有关 英国执法当局于伦敦机场查获500万美元金条

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"We believe that this shipment was linked to drugs cartels operating out of South America,” NCA Heathrow branch commander, Steve McIntyre, said of the news. "Working with partners overseas and in the UK we were quickly able to identify it and stop its onward movement."


“我们认为这批货物与南美洲贩毒集团有关,”NCA在希思罗机场分局指挥官史蒂夫·麦金太尔(Steve McIntyre)说。“通过和海外以及国内同行的合作,我们很快就能识破并阻止它。”

“许多有组织犯罪集团的商业模式依赖于跨境转移资金,为犯罪活动的进一步投资提供资金,”麦金太尔继续说道。 “如果我们能够阻止它,不仅导致所涉及的犯罪网络受到干扰,还阻止他们从犯罪中获益,也阻止了相关再投资。”

Five million dollars’ worth of gold bars, partially pictured here, have been seized at London’s Heathrow Airport by law enforcement officials investigating a South American drug cartel.



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