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在加拿大经营新斯科舍省巧克力工厂 总理称赞叙利亚难民家庭

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Justin Trudeau is again praising a family of Syrian refugees who have established a thriving chocolate-making business in Nova Scotia. Assam Hadhad, a Syrian refugee who arrived in Canada last year, displays a tray of chocolates at his shop, Peace by Chocolate, in Antigonish, N.S. on Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Andrew Vaughan

贾斯汀特鲁多再次称赞一群叙利亚难民,他们在新斯科舍省建立了一个蓬勃发展的巧克力制造业务。 去年抵达加拿大的叙利亚难民阿萨姆·哈达德在他位于安蒂戈尼什的商店Peace by Chocolate展示了一盘巧克力。



更多内容: Refugee chocolatier announces plans to ‘give back’ to Canada, hire 50 refugees by 2022

总部位于安蒂戈尼什(Antigonish, N.S.)的商店,由哈德家族创立,他们在2012年逃离战争蹂躏的大马士革的家园。


今年早些时候,公司首席执行官塔里克·哈达德(Tareq Hadhad)宣布该公司计划到2022年雇用50名难民。


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