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jeune magique et intellig

打破不合传闻 威廉和哈里两家一起参加王室圣诞节活动

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36岁凯特和37岁梅根在前往圣玛丽抹大拉教堂(St Mary Magdalene Church)的路上受到了人们的欢迎。距离王室在诺福克的庄园,桑德灵汉姆庄园(Sandringham House)仅几步之遥。


本月早些时候证实,尽管有人声称有吵架,但“Fab Four”将会一起度过圣诞节。

Kate and Meghan chatted to one another as they walked to the church this morning, alongside husbands Prince Harry and Prince William


Kate, 36, and Meghan, 37, were greeted by adoring crowds as they made their way to St Mary Magdalene Church, a short walk from Sandringham House on the Royal Family's Norfolk estate, alongside their husbands Prince William and Harry and Prince Charles


Kate points out something in the crowd that raises a smile from Meghan as they looked to quash rumours of a rift



菲利普和卡米拉没有陪同其他王室成员,因为两人走了很短的路程。 据了解,公爵身体健康,将与家人私下放松一下。


Kate and Meghan both appeared happy and relaxed as they walked to the church this morning. Kate wore a bright red coat, alongside Meghan, who chose a black outfit

今天早上,凯特和梅根在走向教堂时显得高兴和放松。 凯特穿着一件鲜红色的外套,与梅根一起选择了黑色服装。

Meghan covered up her baby bump as she held a handbag and her black gloves in her right hand as they walked to church this morning


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