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jeune magique et intellig

维多利亚的秘密无所不在 天使玛莎炫耀著名乳沟

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周四,玛莎·亨特(Martha Hunt)将她的魅力带到芝加哥特别的维多利亚秘密活动中。


Leggy look: She's one of the world's top lingerie models. And on Thursday Martha Hunt brought her glamour to a special Victoria's Secret event in Chicago

长腿美女:她是世界顶级内衣模特之一。 周四,玛莎·亨特将她的魅力带到芝加哥特别的维多利亚秘密活动中。


她的胸部无疑得到俯卧撑胸罩的援助之手 - 毫无疑问是来自维多利亚的秘密的胸罩 - 蕾丝内衣可以在她的长袖迷你连衣裙下瞥见。

Model beauty: The 29-year-old beauty flaunted her famous cleavage and legs in a pink coat dress tied at the waist with a long sash


Brand loyal: Her bosom was given a helping hand by a push-up bra - no doubt one from Victoria's Secrets - and the lacy underwear could be glimpsed under her  mini dress

对品牌的忠诚:她的胸部无疑得到俯卧撑胸罩的援助之手 - 毫无疑问是来自维多利亚的秘密的胸罩 - 蕾丝内衣可以在她的长袖迷你连衣裙下瞥见。

The thigh-skimming number showcased her legs in all their long and lean glory      Martha added more to her height with towering red stiletto-heeled sandals


北卡罗来纳州出生的美女在Windy City推广VS All All Sexy Illusions系列。



Special event: The North Carolina-born beauty was in the Windy City to promote the VS All New Sexy Illusions Collection

特别活动:北卡罗来纳州出生的美女在Windy City推广VS All All Sexy Illusions系列。

Sensational in spots: Martha showcased her incredible figure in a polka dot jumpsuit in black and white     Pretty in polka dots: She headed out in a second outfit


Astonishing: The blonde bombshell accessorised with quirky chandelier-style earrings which she matched with her pj-style outfit 


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