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所以,你已经决定你想要观看令人开心色情片。这是任何关系的一大步,第一次时候你可能感到尴尬。但是不要担心 - 我们问了3名可爱女士通过最好的方式来面对这种情况。名副其实该做什么和不该做什么,如果你是幸运的。





  1. Do say something like, "Do you know what would be cool? If we watched porn together, we've never done anything like that." Pick your moment wisely.

  2. Don't tell her you want to have sex like they do in that one orgy scene.

  3. Do let her pick the video. Let her take charge.

  4. Don't get freaked out by her choice.

  5. Do tell her which parts you like, especially the ones you want to try.

  6. Don't make it awkward.

  7. Do make a few jokes that lighten the mood. Maybe ask her what her porn name is.

  8. Don't use your smartphone, watch on your laptop instead. Nothing kills the mood quite like a text from your obnoxious friend.

  9. Do remember she's not a porn star. She's a real woman, not an acrobat who can helicopter around the room.

  10. Don't forget, porn isn't real life.

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