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各位今年已经毕业或将要毕业的同学们, 大家在学校购买的医疗保险GLOBAL EXCEL在每年的AUGUST31是(EXPIRE)到期的, 届时,大家将没有任何的医疗保险.凡是已经拿到三年工签的同学,将有资格申请NB省的MEDICARE医疗卡.详细资料请查阅UNB网站:


Health Insurance
Once you finish your courses at UNB your Student Health Insurance is no longer valid. If you plan to stay after you are done make sure to get alternate health insurance.

[B]If you have a Post Graduate Work Permit (valid for at least a year) and you are living in New Brunswick, you are eligible to apply for New Brunswick Medicare.[/B] As soon as you receive your Post Graduate Work Permit you should submit an application for New Brunswick Medicare.


以下是APPLICATION FORM(网上下载填写并邮往相关地址):

1. NB Medicare card 不仅仅局限在NB省内使用, 如果你迁移到其他省份,除了换发当地省份的medicare card, 还可继续要求使用和NBmedicare同等待遇的医疗服务.

2. 申请表中提到All non-Canadians must forward a copy of all Canadian Immigration identification records. 指的就是三年工签的复印件


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[quote name='想个名字很难']这咱MEDICARE在别的省可以用吗?还是只能在NB省用[/QUOTE]

可以用,3个月有效。 Edited by 小鹏

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