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Full time国际留学生可以校外申请工作

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[QUOTE]We are pleased to announce that full-time international students who have completed their first year of study at UNB will now be allowed to work up to [COLOR="Red"]20 hours per week [/COLOR]off campus.

International students attending UNB will now be able to obtain valuable work experience in the Canadian labour market while they work towards completing their degree. Allowing students to work
off campus will also help offset the cost of their education by giving students access to good paying jobs in the community.

New Brunswick is now an even more attractive option for international students wishing to graduate with a degree from UNB and obtain actual Canadian work experience to put on a resume (CV).

Upon graduation, international students in New Brunswick can work for up to two years before returning to their home country. Business New Brunswick Minister Peter Mesheau, who made the
announcement, is quoted as saying:

"We are here to help you access the new program and help make your stay in our beautiful province productive and successful. And maybe one day you will
come back, raise a family and be a part of our life."

This development is one more reason to make UNB your choice for a North American university education. [/QUOTE]

Please visit the following website for more information on the project:


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